Your brand, your story, told by me!

My relaxed, natural style is born from lifestyle photography. It’s about showing you & your business in the context of how it will be experienced by your clients and customers.

Most of us now create a first impression online. But all day, every day, we see pictures. Pictures on our screens, pictures on social media and more pictures everywhere we turn.

The best images – the ones we don’t just scroll past - make us FEEL something. They encourage us to do something, to click, donate, book, order, sign-up, follow or call. And sometimes, they can change our outlook entirely.

A photograph teaches us about something we didn't know, about someone we've never met. We make decisions and judgements based on one single image.

That's all. One image!

So we’ve GOT to get it right. Together, we can make sure those decisions and judgements your potential clients & customers make are the right ones. We can make sure YOUR pictures reflect the real you and your brand values, with intention and purpose in how you show up online. 

All brand photography services include:

Your in-depth pre-shoot consultation, to ensure every single image captures the essence of your brand;

Advice on location, wardrobe, styling and props;

Access to my little black book of makeup artists, florists, caterers and so on, should you require;

And travel within London and Essex (our portfolio includes shoots from around the world – I love to travel and can confirm bespoke travel costs, for projects further afield). 

On the day of the shoot and after...

On the day of your shoot, we’ll recap how it will run, your brand values and the exact types of images we want to capture.  Then it's over to me to gently guide you in front of the camera, making sure you relax and that your real, authentic self is truly reflected in each image.

Afterwards, you’ll receive a beautiful gallery, with each photograph carefully edited in my signature style. We usually deliver this for you within 2 weeks, but working so much with brand and web designers, I know schedules can be tight! So if you need to work to a shorter deadline, please do let me know we first book your shoot, so I can schedule in your editing time too.