Business Coaches and Mentors

As business coaches and mentors you are at the forefront of your brand as well as within your industry.  Therefore, your online presence and marketing has to be strong and for that, you’re in need of a lot of brand imagery.  Having worked with multi-6-figure and 7-figure entrepreneurs I understand the need to bring your passion and personality into your images as well as showing your work ethic to build the Know, Like and Trust factor with your clients.

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with some incredible entrepreneurs, capturing their brand within the UK and on their travels, after all, in this global world, wherever you are for your business, you need images to showcase that!

These shoots have been a mixture of lifestyle brand shoots and my Seasonal and Bespoke Edit clients (where they can book photography time over the course of the year for whatever their business needs!)

And once you’ve had a scroll through, if you’d like to talk more about how your brand can encapsulated in beautiful imagery then you can contact me on 07491664451 or email