Want to learn to take better photos of your beautiful floral designs?

We all know the power of an image, the ability for our clients to see how beautiful your work is and know instantly they want you to work with them on your wedding day or event. 

For £97, this course will teach you how to create on brand, quality images to showcase your stunning floral creations.

"Amanda has beautifully captured our flowers...  Recently Amanda shot a spring bouquet portfolio for me and captured my vision and blooms perfectly!  My designs look great and gives me excellent quality images to show clients and use on social media."

-  Miriam Faith Florals  -

This course will teach you:

How to use a camera / phone for taking pictures

The importance of light and how to use it

Top composition and angles tips

Styling and props to enhance your images

Editing your images for a consistent look and feel



We'll take a look at camera phones, compact, bridge, mirrorless and DSLR cameras.  Tips on using each of them, as well as pros and cons and features to look out for when buying.  I'll also share a kit list of the other pieces of equipment I use on a shoot. 



Good lighting is fundamental to good photography.  We'll look at the principles of lighting as well as how to find the best light at home or in your studio and how to work with light on location.



The use of backgrounds and props are crucial in creating professional looking images that have a consistent look and feel to your brand.  I'll be sharing with you how I style as well as my go to prop list. 



You'll often hear about the "rules" of photography, and I'm going to take you through these and when it's a good idea to break them, so you can create impactful images of your work.


Taking the shot

I'm going to take you behind the scenes of how I photograph a table arrangement, bouquet and buttonhole.



Editing is a crucial part of photography; it's taking a raw ingredient (the image) and turning it in to the professional looking photo you see in portfolios.  I will be showing you how to edit on both a phone and a computer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed both at professional and hobbyist florists who want to improve the photos they take of their beautiful floral creations.

What kit do I need?

The first module I take you through looks at both cameras and phones, so that you can learn how to use what you already have, as well as providing you with the basic knowledge to buy a new camera should you wish.  I'll also share with you the equipment that I use, as well as some household hacks!

What software do I need?

I will be demonstrating how to edit with standard phone editing software, a free computer editing software called Darktable as well as the paid for software professional photographers use called Lightroom. 

What feedback is included?

No feedback on individual images is included.  This is a work-at-your-own pace course, with an optional private Facebook group to share images and chat to other students.  Amanda is available in the Facebook group to answer questions about the course.

Is there a private Facebook group?

Yes, there is a private Facebook group for past and present members of the course. 

When do the lessons start and how long will I have access to them?

All the course materials (videos and pdf downloads) will be available as soon as you purchase the course.  All the lessons will remain accessible to you for as long as I am in business (at least one year).

Do you offer refunds? 

As you have access to all course materials upon signing up, no refunds are offered.

Do you have another question?

Email me at hello@amandakarenphotography.co.uk and let me know how I can help. 

A huge thank you to Miriam Faith Florals for the beautiful floral creations used in the development of this course.